Linoleum Express

This is the Linoleum Express.

A mobile workshop.
A person-pulled powerpress.
A spontaneous-and-anywhere artwork generator.

Place it anywhere, twist out the four workspaces and get started creating printed pieces of art in any setting.

Using the four twist-out tables under the main desk, four persons can cut linoleum artworks simultaneously which can be instantly printed and reproduced with the on-board lo-tech linoleum press.
The micro-workshop is designed as a trailer torn behind a standard bicycle; its weight doesn’t exceed 30kg due to super light 99% wood-construction.
All needed materials can be stored inside the trailer to easily transport it anywhere and set up the workshop in the woods, on a rooftop, inside a police station or on the moon.

Do poster campaigns, curate art exhibitions, distribute flyers, support local musicians and print your own t-shirts, anytime and anywhere.
And share the bliss with everybody.
Broadcast your printed matters wherever you want to, and get whoever wants to join to do it with you.
No hassle, no batteries, no exhaust, no pollution.
Only arts.

Spread your ideas, and spread the word!

Feel free to contact if you want to borrow and use the item.

  • For HfG Karlsruhe, University of Arts and Design Karlsruhe
  • Date 2018
  • Publically Available If you feel like you want to do a workshop or encourage others to get involved with linocut and the very basis of reproductive printed matters.